Newborn Found Dead in Gas Station Bathroom

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Houston police have released video footage of a woman believed to have given birth in a Shell Station bathroom and who abandoned the newborn, leading to its death on April 2. 

A customer discovered the infant in the bathroom around 4:30 am and immediately called for paramedics. By the time Houston Fire Department paramedics arrived, the baby girl had already died.

The police, after an extensive investigation, are still trying to locate the mother and have released edited video footage of the suspected woman entering the gas station in a white Cadillac. The footage shows her leaving the car at a gas pump and heading inside the station. Her face is clearly visible as she enters the convenience store before driving away in the Cadillac.

While the video doesn’t show her entering or leaving the bathroom, the police consider her a ‘person of interest’ in connection with the incident. However, they remain uncertain about her exact relationship with the infant.

According to the authorities, the woman was inside the restroom for approximately 15 minutes before leaving, and the baby was found about an hour later. Few people were around at that early hour on a Sunday, which limited the chances of anyone noticing or intervening.

No one has been charged so far, and investigators are still determining the cause of the baby’s death. The Harris County Institute of Forensic Science is currently conducting an inquiry.

Appealing to the woman to come forward, Houston Detective Caleb Browning said they merely want to talk to her and seek more information. The police emphasized their earnest desire to find answers and closure for the family involved.

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