Family of Six-Year-Old Who Shot Teacher Says Gun Was Locked Up

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The family of the six-year-old first grader who shot his elementary school teacher in Virginia a couple of weeks ago released a statement, breaking its silence about the unfortunate incident.

The statement began by praising the teacher, Abby Zwerner, for her endless commitment to the children.

The family revealed that their son has an “acute disability,” and said that the weapon he brought to school had been secured.

The family explained that the child’s disability requires that his mother or father must always attend school with him and accompany him to all his classes. They said it was the first time they had not accompanied the child and they would regret it always. 

Where were the child’s parents on the day teacher Zwerner was shot?

The statement also said that the weapon, a 9 mm Taurus gun, was secured and that the family was committed to responsible gun ownership, including keeping firearms away from children.

The statement did not elaborate on where the gun was being kept before the shooting and how the child gained access.

The family’s statement was released on Thursday, January 19, by an attorney, James Ellenson.

The statement was released on the same day that officials announced that 25-year-old Zwerner, the Richneck Elementary School teacher wounded during the shooting, was in stable condition and had been released from the hospital.

Speaking to reporters last week, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew said the brave 25-year-old teacher was shot in her upper chest and arm and still managed to usher 20 students out of the classroom.

According to the police chief, the child’s mother, who had legally purchased the gun, could face some charges. He said that the boy brought the weapon to school in his backpack.

“We have been cooperating with local and federal law enforcement to understand how this could have happened,” the family said.

The parents have not been charged and the investigation is ongoing.

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