14-Year-Old British Girl Died an Avoidable Death and Her Parents are Speaking Out

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Youngsters are dying from accidentally, and sometimes intentionally inhaling the fumes of aerosol deodorants. The main ingredient in aerosol is butane. Over 300 deaths from butane inhalation were recorded between 2001 and 2020. Other deodorant ingredients, isobutane and propane, were linked to 38 and 123 deaths, respectively.

In May, 2022, a teenage girl in the United Kingdom, Giorgia Green, died after spraying aerosol deodorant in her room and innocently inhaling the fumes.

Giorgia’s older brother found her unresponsive in her room with the door open. The 14-year-old died of a cardiac arrest.

Her devastated parents are speaking out in order to save other kids. They hope to change the labeling on deodorant products and are warning people about the dangers. 

Giorgia’s parents say Giorgia’s death was preventable and have since learned about other youngsters who died after breathing in deodorant aerosol fumes.

Giorgia’s dad, Paul Green, said it is his mission to ensure that no one else goes through what he and his family suffered through.

The British Aerosol Manufacturers Association says that the products have warnings printed on them. Under British law, aerosol deodorants must have the “keep out of reach of children” warning printed on the label.

Giorgia’s parents say the warnings are too small.

Green said that his daughter was autistic and sprayed the deodorant in her room and on her blankets before going to bed because the smell relaxed her, especially when she was anxious. It was her mother’s deodorant and it reminded Giorgia of her. 

According to the UK’s National Statistics office, eleven death certificates mentioned deodorant inhalation between 2001 and 2020.

A 12-year-old from Derbyshire, Daniel Hurley, died in 2008 after spraying deodorant on himself and collapsing in the bathroom.

In 2019, Jack Waple, 13, died after spraying deodorant to calm his anxiety when his mom left their home.

The Aerosol Manufacturers Association recommends that all aerosol deodorants warn users that solvent abuse can lead to instant death.

Giorgia’s parents want that warning to change to exclude the word “abuse,” because children are dying without intentionally breathing in the fumes. 

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