Million Dollar Question: Who Will Inherit the Queen’s Jewelry Collection?

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Queen Elizabeth II left behind a fortune totaling about $447 million. Her estate will be distributed among Windsor family members.

Extravagant clothing and jewelry, including tiaras, and brooches, are part of the estate. Now everyone is asking – who will inherit this collection?

The royal family started the jewelry collection in the 1800s, during Queen Victoria’s reign. Queen Elizabeth II inherited several pieces from her grandmother, Queen Mary, who acquired extravagant pieces during her world travels, and through connections with jewelers and other political and royal leaders around the world.

A few of the pieces were loaned out during Elizabeth’s reign. Examples are the 100-diamond Cartier Halo worn by Kate Middleton and the Diamond Bandeau worn by Meghan Markle. The two women wore the precious pieces at their weddings.

Some of the most historical pieces owned by the Queen are displayed in the Crown Jewels collection at the Tower or London, and will remain there (unless, of course, someone claims it). 

The Queen left a will which the family has chosen to keep private. Royal experts say that most of the items from her private collection will probably go to Kate Middleton and King Charles’ wife, Queen Consort, Camilla. These are composed of gifts, pieces passed down to Elizabeth, as well as items that she personally bought.

Kate Middleton, now the Princess of Wales and designated as the future queen, will probably receive most of the Queen’s pieces, but Camilla will probably get to pick what she likes first. 

The Queen’s granddaughters will also inherit some of her belongings.

Inherited items from the Queen’s collection are subject to a 40% inheritance tax. King Charles III is exempted from the tax, but everyone else is required to pay.

The deceased Queen’s estate also contains a massive number of artworks – an estimated one million objects – some of which date back as far as the reign of Henry VIII.

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