Champion Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson Falls and Dies on Himalayan Climb

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After a search for a few days, missing, accomplished mountaineer, Hilaree Nelson, 49, was found dead in the ice and snow, after falling off a mountain peak in Nepal on September 26

An avalanche developed while Nelson and her partner, Jim Morrison, were skiing down Manaslu, a 26,700-foot mountain. According to Morrison, she was “swept off her feet” and was tossed toward the opposite side of the mountain’s climbing route. 

She had fallen into a deep crevasse in the ice, according to the witnesses, a short while after reaching the summit, and beginning her descent down. 

Mt. Manaslu is the eighth highest peak in the world.

Hilaree Nelson previously posted on her Instagram account that she was not feeling confident about conquering the mountain. “I am challenged to find the peace and inspiration from the mountain when it’s been constantly shrouded in mist,” she captioned the photo of her and Morrison on a climb.

Nelson and Morrison were known to be the first to ski down Nepal’s Mt. Lhotse, which is the world’s fourth highest mountain. Nelson also held the record of being the first female climber to conquer adjacent peaks Mt. Everest and Mt. Lhotse within one day. She excelled at extreme skiing and later at ski mountaineering, and she had completed the first ski descent of the Altai mountain range in Mongolia in 2002. 

“My loss is indescribable,” Morrison said about his partner’s death. He was also part of the team who searched for Nelson. 

Nelson left behind two children. 

The mountaineering company, North Face, issued a statement regarding the incident. They said that Nelson was their “hero, mentor and friend.” They also shared that she “held a spirit as big as the places she led us to. She embodied possibility. Her adventures made us feel at home in the vastness of the world.”

Hopefully, she found the peace she was looking for on the mountain. 

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