Deaf Dog Falls 100 Feet and is Rescued From Ravine

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Here’s an uplifting story for a change…

A deaf, eight-year-old pup was rescued on Monday after he fell into a California ravine.

Australian shepherd, Hobo, was lucky to suffer no injuries from the fall. According to his owner, Julia Plant, he saw something in the ravine near her Sorrento Valley home and slipped and fell in, tumbling 100 ft down.

Plant called for help and was assisted by the San Diego Humane Society. One of the rescuers climbed into the loose rock to get Hobo, but needed more help from an environmental rescue team to climb back up.

The team had to set up safety lines and it took five people using a saw to cut the dog out of the brush it was trapped in. 

The rescue took four hours but Hobo was safe!

“It was just not a good situation where the dog was, not for people or animals. It was in a very secluded ravine and there was a big drop off just below that,” Lt. Clint Ganus, who was part of the rescue team, told KGTV.

The dogs owner said, “It was a miracle. I mean, thank God for the Humane Society.”

The owners were in the process of putting up a fence so the dog wouldn’t wander off and get into trouble. 

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