Terrifying Video Shows Plane Crash Onto University Boulevard in Orlando

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A single-engine plane crashed in Orlando on a busy street last Friday. It’s a miracle everyone, including the pilot is alive.
The pilot, 40-year-old Remy Colin, was able to walk away from the accident with minor injuries.

Colin said the flight was supposed to be a short test flight. He was fixing a problem with the plane’s radio during flight and became distracted, not realizing that he was running out of fuel. 

But according to the Florida Highway Patrol, there was a mechanical failure, perhaps referring to the radio.   

He said his priority was to land the plane in an area that would do the least harm to others. 

The plane literally fell out of the sky.

Video footage shows the horrifying moment when the small plane crashed. An eye witness, Rajah Collins, who filmed it, said she noticed the plane flying low and looking for a place to land. “I immediately pulled out my phone to record, thinking it would land normally on the road, but it ended up crashing.”

Her short video filmed from her car, shows the Cessna 182 as it swooped over University Boulevard, and smashed nose first into the road. 

The crash damaged a new driveway a resident said she had just installed, but she said she was thankful that the pilot was safe. 

“We heard a big crash, kinda like a car crash, and we assumed it was a car crash. Our house is right over there and we peeped over the fence and we just see this plane sitting in the driveway,” Ben Stillman, who lives near the crash site, said.

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