14-Year-Old Florida Boy and Mom Arrested in Identity Theft Scheme

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A 14-year-old Florida teenager and his mother are in big trouble.

The teen, with the help of his mother, allegedly came up with an illegal pyramid scheme to commit identity theft and fraud.

Elijah Duett faces multiple charges – identity theft, illegal use of credit cards, stealing property, and more. His mom, Selena Wallace, 38, was arrested as an accomplice, with the same charges, in addition to the charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor – her son.

An investigation into the mom and son, a Deltona High School student, started in May, at which time Duett was charged with threatening a student who didn’t want to participate in a pyramid scheme he was organizing. 

Investigators said that the boy was purchasing stolen information online, including social security numbers and credit card information, as well as information used to hack into bank computers and websites.

He was also becoming an expert on forging money orders, and had allegedly equipment used to do so. 

Investigators included Elijah’s mother in their probe when they discovered messages between the two, in which she seemed to encourage him to “use his special abilities in a legal way,” but then, in contradiction, advised him to raise his prices.

The teen managed to scam at least 17 people across the country, and 15 of the victims agreed to pursue criminal charges. 

Police searched the home and found laptops, printers, multiple cell phones, gaming systems and other technology, evidence implying that a small business was being run in the home. 

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