Man Found Dead in Alligator Lake in Florida

The signs along Taylor Lake at John S. Taylor Park in Largo, Florida say, “Danger: Do Not Feed or Molest” in big red capital letters. The signs show a large picture of an alligator.
People go to the disc golf course in the park to engage in the sport in a scenic location alongside the lake. Often, they lose their discs in the water.
On Tuesday, a 47-year-old man who had been searching in the lake for discs was found dead. 
Specialists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission arrived at the park with trappers. The suspected alligator was found at around 5 pm. 
People interviewed in the park said that they had often witnessed scavengers for lost discs. The discs can be sold for $5-$10, depending on the condition of the disc. 
Could be an easy way to make some quick cash, if there wasn’t a danger of alligators in the water. 
It is not known why the unfortunate man was looking for discs. 
People in Florida know that alligators are plentiful and they can be found in lakes like the one in Largo. They are warned not to swim or wade in the waters and to stay away from the creatures, who normally eat turtles, fish, snakes and small mammals. 
Although there have been no major alligator attacks in Florida for over two years, there is always a chance of being bitten or attacked if the animal is hungry or threatened.  
In 2020, a man was bitten by an alligator in Taylor Park while he was in the same lake, retrieving a golf disc.
The alligator found today was removed from the lake and euthanized. It will be examined to determine if it was involved in the man’s death this morning.
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