Champ’s Stunning Winning Streak on “Jeopardy!” Ends

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Adriana Harmeyer, well-known for her impressive 15-game winning streak on “Jeopardy!”, was defeated on June 19, 2024. Harmeyer, an archivist at Purdue University, was beaten by Drew Basile, a former contestant on “Survivor,” in an episode that generated considerable discussion among viewers and fans.

During her 15-game run, Harmeyer had accumulated $351,600. She was competing against Basile and Tekla Sauter in what was expected to be her 16th straight victory. If she had won, she would have been in the top 10 longest-winning streaks in “Jeopardy!” history.

The game began with Harmeyer in the lead, scoring $8,100 after the first round. She was followed by Basile with $5,600 and Sauter with $3,200. The tide turned during the “Double Jeopardy!” round when Basile found the second Daily Double and wagered $10,000. His correct response moved him to the top spot, a development that host Ken Jennings called a ‘game-changer.’

Basile continued to stay ahead, entering “Final Jeopardy!” with a commanding $23,600, while Sauter and Harmeyer lagged behind with $10,600 and $9,300, respectively. The final round’s category was “BRANDS,” and the contestants were asked to name a 1978 men’s cologne featured in the company’s iconic logo. Despite Harmeyer and Sauter’s efforts, they could not catch up to Basile’s strategic gameplay.

Basile, sure of his win, used his final answer to inject some humor, writing “What is Jeopardy?” The audience responded with laughter, and Jennings made a humorous remark about a cologne named “Jeopardy!” After a minimal wager, Basile’s final total was $23,482.

Following the game’s conclusion, there was an uncomfortable exchange between Harmeyer and Basile. After some hesitation, she shook his hand. Harmeyer, clearly disappointed, took a deep breath as Jennings commended her for her notable achievement, which put her in 11th place in the longest winning streaks in “Jeopardy!” history. He also confirmed that viewers would see Harmeyer again in the Tournament of Champions.

Reaction to the game on social media was mixed. Some applauded Basile’s bold gameplay, attributing his risk-taking strategy to his experience on “Survivor.” However, others were critical of his final answer, viewing it as an act of gloating. Despite Harmeyer’s loss, her fans celebrated her performance and expressed hope for her success in the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

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