May Day Celebration Ends in Tragedy; 3 Dead, 15 Injured

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A late-night May Day gathering in Stockton, Alabama erupted into violence on Saturday, May 11, 2024, leading to three fatalities and at least 15 injuries.

The deadly incident unfolded in a field in the small community of Stockton, located approximately 30 miles northeast of Mobile, Alabama.

The deceased have been identified as Chiquita Ewing, 37, a mother of four; Christian Bradley, 24; and Michael Anderson Jr., 19.

According to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), an argument during the event, attended by approximately 1,000 people, escalated into a shooting, causing panic and chaos.

Multiple rounds were fired into the crowd, as described by witnesses. Captain Andre Reid of the BCSO commented that most victims were young, adding, “This is a tragic event that touches many lives in our community. We are working very hard to resolve this case, but we cannot make arrests or successfully prosecute the offenders without help.”

Douglas Bolden, a regular attendee of the annual May Day event that has been held since 1970, described a scene of horror. “There were kids lost and running into the woods. People were running for their lives,” Bolden said. He shared that he took shelter under his camper after a bullet shattered the window of a nearby truck.

The BCSO is actively pursuing leads and believes there may have been multiple shooters involved. Witnesses have been urged to share any information or videos that could help identify the suspects. “According to witnesses, the event was peaceful until an argument broke out, which led to at least one person firing multiple rounds into the crowd,” Captain Andre Reid explained.

Public assistance is being sought by local authorities to help bring the perpetrators to justice, emphasizing the challenges law enforcement face in solving such incidents without witness cooperation.

An attendee, who chose to remain anonymous, described the party as a fun, family-oriented event until the violence broke out unexpectedly, leading to a frantic scramble for safety.

Martha Tims, a cousin of victim Chiquita Ewing, recounted her terror. “All of a sudden, I just kept hearing multiple gunshots, and everybody started running away. “So I went to the first person I saw lying on the ground, and someone told me there was another person shot behind him,” Tims said to local media. “I turned around and saw it was my cousin. I just broke down; she was lying there unresponsive. … It was utter chaos.”

Local authorities are providing support for the victims and their families who are grappling with the sudden loss and trauma. Calls for unity and cooperation have been made by community leaders to prevent such incidents in the future and ensure the safety of public events.

The BCSO continues to urge anyone with information to step forward, underscoring the importance of community involvement in solving this case. “This is a tragic event that touches many lives in our community,” Reid reaffirmed. “We are working hard to resolve this case, but we cannot do it alone.”

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