South Carolina Man Killed in Pit Bull Attack

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On October 31, 2023, in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, a man was fatally attacked by two pit bulls. 

David Eller, age 65, was walking in the Pleasant Oak Mobile Home Park when the violent encounter occurred, transforming an ordinary stroll into a scene of tragedy.

Eller was in a common space nestled between two mobile homes when the dogs unleashed their attack. Horrified witnesses watched helplessly as the dogs ravaged Eller, with one bystander describing the harrowing moment when the animals dragged what was later confirmed as Eller’s body. This incident stands as a grim reminder of the potential dangers of unsecured pets.

The attacking dogs, which did not belong to Eller, had broken loose from the front porch of their residence before embarking on their deadly assault. Although onlookers attempted to step in and come to the man’s aid, the ferocity of the attack barred them from getting close enough to make a difference. 

The emergency services were summoned via a 911 call, but by the time first responders arrived, there was nothing to be done but to declare Eller dead.

After the incident, the Pleasant Oak Mobile Home Park on Ayers Drive near Old Whitesville Road became a focal point for law enforcement activity. The area was cordoned off, and the local sheriff’s office took charge of the situation, meticulously collecting evidence and taking statements from residents who might have witnessed the attack.

The two dogs involved in the incident are now in the custody of the Berkeley County Animal Center. The investigation, which is still underway, will determine their fate and whether their owner will face any repercussions.

Currently, authorities are looking into the dogs’ background, checking for any previous reports of dangerous behavior in the area. While the formal cause of death will be established after an autopsy, initial assessments indicate that the injuries Eller suffered in the attack were the direct cause of his death.

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