Six-Year-Old Dies After Attack by Neighbor With Bat

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In Georgetown, Texas, a six-year-old boy, Jeremy Diaz, has passed away two months after being attacked in his home. 

The incident, which occurred on September 11, 2023, involved Daniel Logan, 39, a neighbor, who entered the Diaz family home in a random attack and assaulted Jeremy with a baseball bat while he was sleeping.

The attack resulted in severe injuries to Jeremy, including multiple skull fractures and brain swelling. Logan’s mother, 65, who tried to stop the attack, also sustained significant injuries, including a facial laceration and a lost tooth.

Following two months of hope for Jeremy’s recovery, his father, Arturo Diaz, recounted finding his son in critical condition on November 13, having suffered a neurostorm – an episode caused by the brain injury – which he described as “six hours of hell on earth.” Despite showing signs of improvement, including plans to remove him from a ventilator, Jeremy’s condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to his death.

Originally, Logan faced charges related to causing serious injury to a child and aggravated assault. With Jeremy’s passing, authorities are contemplating upgrading the charges to capital murder, awaiting results from the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Currently detained on a $650,000 bond, Logan has had a mental health evaluation. His lawyer, Marc Chavez, urged for caution in judgment, citing mental health concerns.

Remembered as a bright and active child fond of activities like jiujitsu, soccer, and piano, Jeremy’s death has deeply affected his family and the community. Arturo Diaz expressed his profound grief, noting the unnaturalness of a parent burying their child.

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