Matthew Perry’s Death Stuns Hollywood Stars

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Kelly Rizzo, the widow of comedian Bob Saget, recently extended her support and guidance to the cast of “Friends” following the passing of Matthew Perry

Rizzo spoke with Page Six, expressing her sympathy to the actors of the renowned sitcom during a difficult period.

Rizzo drew parallels between her experiences with the “Full House” cast and the camaraderie of the “Friends” ensemble, emphasizing the deep connections within these groups. She advised the bereaved co-stars to maintain their strong bonds and appreciate the supportive people around them.

Reflecting on her husband’s death in January of the previous year, Rizzo underscored the importance of mutual support. She shared how Saget’s co-stars played a key role in her grieving process. Saget starred as Danny Tanner, the father of the family on “Full House”.

Rizzo also remarked on the family-like relationships within the casts of both “Full House” and “Friends.” She noted that both groups experienced similar emotions of loss, with the actors likely finding comfort in each other’s company, as she did with the “Full House” cast.

Matthew Perry, who passed away on October 28, 2023, at 54, left a significant impact on the entertainment industry. His death prompted tributes from numerous celebrities, including George Takei, Nancy Sinatra, and Jason Alexander. Perry was celebrated for his role as Chandler Bing in “Friends,” which left an indelible mark on sitcom history.

The “Friends” cast, including Maggie Wheeler, Morgan Fairchild, and Selma Blair, shared their memories and paid tribute to Perry. Wheeler, known for her role as Janice, and Fairchild, who portrayed Chandler Bing’s mother Nora, were among the first to publicly express their sorrow. Blair remembered Perry fondly in her homage.

Two days following Perry’s death, the main cast of “Friends” released a collective statement expressing their profound grief. They described their bond as familial, extending their thoughts and condolences to Perry’s family and friends. They also acknowledged their need for time to cope with the loss.

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