Kentucky Mother Charged with Murder of Her Two Sons

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In an incident in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, a mother, Tiffanie Lucas, 32, has been charged with the murder of her two young sons, aged six and nine. The fatal shooting took place at their home in Bullitt County, a suburb of Louisville.

The tragic event unfolded on the morning of Wednesday, November 8, 2023. Law enforcement officers were called to Lucas’ residence following reports of a shooting; a neighbor had suspected something was wrong and went over to the house to check. Upon their arrival, police encountered a distressing scene: Lucas’ two sons, Maurice Baker, Jr, 6, and Jayden Howard, 9, were found with gunshot wounds and covered in blood. Despite being transported to Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, both boys succumbed to their injuries.

Authorities discovered a firearm on a bed in the home, believed to be the weapon used in the killings. Tiffanie Lucas was later apprehended at 200 Salt Well Court, the location of the Bullitt County Emergency Medical Services, suggesting she had accompanied her sons to the hospital.

Colonel Alex Payne of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office briefed the press regarding the incident. He speculated that Lucas’ actions might be attributed to various factors, including a mental health crisis, substance abuse, pure evil, or a combination of all. However, he emphasized that the motive and circumstances surrounding the shootings were still unclear.

Lucas’ online persona, particularly on Facebook, portrayed her as a caring mother. In a Mother’s Day post, she warmly referred to her sons as being inseparably close. There was no indication of potential violence in her social media activity. Her past included a drug possession conviction leading to a short jail term but no known history of violence.

The children were half-brothers; one’s father had passed away, and the other’s father was not immediately located. 

Maurice’s stepmother, Michelle Rice, related that Lucas had a drug problem and that children’s services had been contacted previously.

A friend of Lucas, Talia Crutcher, shared her shock and dismay on social media. She pondered on the possible mental health struggles Lucas might have been experiencing, yet she remained adamant that the Tiffanie Lucas she knew would never harm her children.

Lucas is currently being held in Bullitt County Jail with a bond set at $2 million.

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