Filipino Broadcaster Shot Dead Mid-Live-Stream in Home Studio

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In an unsettling crime in the southern Philippines, esteemed radio journalist Juan Jumalon, popularly known as “DJ Johnny Walker,” was slain during a Facebook live stream in his in-home studio in Calamba city on Sunday morning, November 5, 2023. 

The perpetrator, disguised as a listener, invaded the home studio and fired two shots at 57-year-old Jumalon. The horrifying attack was witnessed by multiple viewers who were tuned into the live stream. 

After the shooting, the assailant stole Jumalon’s gold necklace and fled from the scene on a motorcycle with an accomplice. Surveillance footage later revealed two armed men entering the house, while a third acted as a lookout.

Despite being immediately taken to the hospital, Jumalon was declared dead on arrival. His murder raises the tally of journalists killed in the Philippines to 199 since 1986, underscoring the persistent danger faced by media personnel in the country.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has expressed strong condemnation of this violent act, instructing the Philippine National Police to ensure a thorough investigation is carried out to bring the criminals to justice. His administration continues to denounce assault on journalists and reiterates its commitment to media safety.

News of Jumalon’s death has prompted calls for more concrete actions to safeguard journalists, with many citing the Philippines as one of the most dangerous countries for press professionals. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is pushing for a deeper investigation from local authorities to determine if Jumalon was targeted due to his professional pursuits. As revealed by the CPJ, Jumalon is the fourth journalist to be killed since President Marcos Jr. assumed office in June 2022.

Jumalon, a stalwart in local broadcast journalism, is fondly remembered for his significant contributions to provincial news broadcasting. Following his untimely death, various press freedom groups and human rights organizations have amplified their calls for tougher measures to ensure journalists’ protection in the country.

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