Window Cleaner Falls To Death From Tower

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On Monday, October 23, 2023, in Boston, Massachusetts’ Financial District, a window washer met a fatal accident outside the office building at 100 Summer Street. 

The incident occurred at 7:54 AM and a distress call was made to the police about a worker falling several stories from the 32-story office tower.

Police arrived at the scene where the victim, later identified as Nicholas Marks, a 40-year-old resident of East Weymouth, was pronounced dead. Boston Police spokesperson Jason Villanueva confirmed that initial assessments indicated the incident to be accidental in nature.

Witnesses at the scene reported seeing Marks along with three other window washers, positioned about 20 stories above the ground level. However, it seemed that part of one of the ropes securing Marks became loose, leading to his fatal descent. 

A friend and coworker, Gerardo Ortiz, said that while window washers always adhere to safety protocols, the incident may have occurred due to a malfunction in one of Marks’ safety devices, possibly a rope or the Bosun chair, a platform used by window washers when working at significant heights. Ortiz mentioned that while such accidents are rare in the window-washing industry, they are aware of the inherent risks.

The Boston Fire Department and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating the cause of the incident. 

The office building at 100 Summer Street, erected in 1974, stands as one of the tallest structures in Boston. According to the building’s official website, its distinctive bronze-tinted windows are a notable feature, casting a glowing effect when hit by sunlight. The structure hosts several businesses, ranging from small tech startups to established international corporations.

In a statement, a spokesperson for 100 Summer Street confirmed that Nicholas Marks was affiliated with them as a “window cleaning service provider.” The building management extended their deepest condolences to Marks’ family and loved ones, expressing their profound sorrow over this incident.

Nicholas Marks had been in the window washing profession for 18 years and was employed by Sky Safety Inc. He was described as a “really good guy” by fellow colleagues. 

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