Michigan University Nursing Student Murdered by Doctor

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On October 12, 2023, in LaSalle, Illinois, a 25-year-old student from the University of Michigan-Flint went missing and was later found to have been abducted and killed by her former boyfriend, a medical resident from Holly, Michigan.

Dr. Justin Wendling, 26, after the incident, ended his own life in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Gina Nicole Bryant had been reported missing on the day of her abduction after failing to report back to work following lunch. Surveillance footage soon surfaced, depicting Wendling leading her toward his vehicle. This evidence became crucial in linking him to Bryant’s sudden disappearance.

The following day Wendling confessed his actions to his parents by phone, indicating his plan to end his life. This information prompted a more aggressive search by law enforcement.

A truck stop in LaSalle provided additional footage which depicted Wendling’s shooting and killing Bryant. He was later traced to Bettendorf, where, as law enforcement located and approached his vehicle, Wendling’s life came to a self-inflicted end.

Delving into their past relationship, it was discovered that Bryant and Wendling had lived together for close to a year. However, behind closed doors, there had been allegations of Wendling’s abusive behavior. Once these concerns came to light, Bryant’s family took measures to move her from the shared residence in Grand Blanc Township.

Angelica Gintner, Bryant’s sibling, reminisced about her sister’s compassionate nature and ability to spread joy effortlessly.

Academically, Bryant was an achiever, graduating with distinction from Stevenson High School in Sterling Heights in 2016. She later enrolled at Grand Valley State University, finishing her program in 2020. She was engaged in an accelerated nursing program at UM-Flint at her time of passing.

Expressing grief over the loss, Cynthia McCurren, Dean of UM-Flint’s nursing program, conveyed the depth of the tragedy to the university community.

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