Maryland Judge Shot and Killed Outside Home

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On Thursday evening, October 19, in Hagerstown, Maryland, a Circuit Court Judge was found fatally shot in the driveway of his home. The event has led to a broad search throughout the state for an individual connected to the shooting.

Judge Andrew Wilkinson, aged 52, had been an active member of Washington County’s 4th Judicial Circuit since January 2020. Alongside his main role, he served as an Associate Judge on the Washington County Circuit Court. Prior to these roles, Wilkinson had made his mark as an assistant county attorney and was prominently active in different community endeavors.

In the aftermath of the incident, Maryland officials have identified 49-year-old Pedro Argote as the key suspect. Argote is characterized as being 5’7″ in height, weighing 130 lbs, and has distinguishing features of black hair and brown eyes. His vehicle, a silver 2009 Mercedes GL450 bearing the Maryland license plate 4EH0408, was discovered on Saturday secluded in a forested region near Williamsport.

Records reveal a connection between Argote and Judge Wilkinson in the legal realm. Specifically, Judge Wilkinson had overseen Argote’s divorce proceedings initiated in June 2022. On the day of the shooting, the judgment had been in favor of awarding sole custody of Argote’s four children to his spouse, further ruling that Argote was to maintain no contact with them.

The underlying reasons for the shooting are yet to be made clear. The abrupt occurrence has undoubtedly affected the local community profoundly. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is currently asking for the public’s assistance in locating Argote. They have made a particular note for individuals to abstain from making direct contact with him due to his potential to be armed and dangerous.

State Delegate Neil Parrott communicated his shock at the occurrence, referring to it as “distressing news.” He added that law enforcement officers are thoroughly searching for the individual responsible for this severe act.

People familiar with Judge Wilkinson, both in a professional and personal capacity, have expressed deep sorrow over his passing. An attorney, who represented the children during Argote’s divorce proceedings, commended Judge Wilkinson for his outstanding character as a person, father, spouse, and judge.

As the investigative procedures progress, there is a collective hope within the community for a prompt conclusion and justice for the late Judge Wilkinson. All Maryland inhabitants are being advised to stay alert and immediately inform the police of any information or sightings regarding Pedro Argote.

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