Intense Explosion Near Airport – Teen Dead, 162 Injured

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A significant explosion on Thursday, September 28, shattered the tranquility near Tashkent’s International Airport in Uzbekistan, causing one death and leaving numerous people injured.

The casualty was a teenage boy, killed by a falling window frame dislodged by the blast’s shockwave, as confirmed by local authorities.

An additional 162 individuals suffered injuries in this incident. Of these, 24 victims are currently recovering in a hospital from non-critical injuries. The remaining casualties, numbering 138, were treated for a variety of injuries.

The blast was so intense that it sparked a fire and caused window damage in neighboring apartment buildings. Yet airport operations in Tashkent remained largely unaffected with little to no disruption to flight schedules.

Footage and photos have been circulating on social media showing a towering inferno, accompanied by a dense plume of smoke from a warehouse that borders the airport.

As investigations into the cause of the explosion continue, an emergency ministry lab has been fast-set on the site to analyze elements of the incident. Their quick action contained the fire and prevented it from escalating further.

Relevant agencies and local authorities are collaborating to unravel the explosion’s details and ensure Tashkent residents’ safety and well-being.

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