Woman Shot Neighbor Over Barking Dogs

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In a shocking incident in Flowery Branch, Georgia on November 29, 2022, a dispute over barking dogs culminated in violence, leaving a woman with multiple gunshot wounds. 

Fonda Suzette Spratt, 57, confronted her neighbor about the canine noise, and the argument rapidly escalated. Spratt shot her neighbor several times. Despite her injuries, the victim survived due to the timely intervention of local police, who provided first aid before hospitalization.

According to reports, Spratt forced her way into her neighbor’s home, leading to a heated argument about the persistent barking of dogs. Authorities responded swiftly to the distress call, finding the injured woman in the street.

The severity of the situation prompted comments from the Flowery Branch Police Chief, who stated, “This is incredibly unfortunate and could’ve ended in catastrophic results. There could have been more innocent people injured or killed.” He further commended the officers for their prompt response and judicious decision-making that prevented the situation from deteriorating further.

Following the incident, Spratt was arrested and later indicted on six counts. She faced charges that included two counts of attempted murder, home invasion, and illegal possession of a firearm. 

In subsequent court proceedings, Spratt pleaded guilty, resulting in a sentence of 65 years. However, as per the court’s decision, Spratt is mandated to serve 27 years in prison, with the remaining 38 years to be served on probation.

According to court documents filed on September 15, the judge also stipulated specific conditions for Spratt. She is required to perform 40 hours of community service, undergo mental health treatment, and reimburse the victim for medical expenses, capped at $2,000. 

Terry Ryan, a local business owner, expressed his astonishment at such an incident in Flowery Branch, considering it to be “the quietest town in Georgia.”

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