Peloton Faces Legal Action After Brooklyn Resident’s Fatal Injury

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In Brooklyn, New York, a mother has initiated a lawsuit against the premium fitness equipment company, Peloton, subsequent to her son’s death.

Ryan Furtado, 32, encountered a fatal injury when his Peloton stationary bike toppled over in his Brooklyn home in January 2022, causing damage to his carotid artery.

Historically, safety concerns have been raised concerning Peloton products. In 2021, an accident with a Peloton treadmill led to the death of a child, aged six. In a separate event, another child, three years old, suffered major injuries due to the same type of equipment. These incidents led regulatory bodies to levy a fine of $19 million on Peloton.

The ongoing lawsuit states that while engaged in a “Core” workout, Furtado needed to alight from the bike to perform exercises on the ground. As he was attempting to stand, he leaned on the bike, causing it to fall and leading to the injury. The case underscores that the bike’s structure, along with its sole warning label, did not provide adequate safety warnings.

In addressing the issue, Peloton has connected the tragic event to Furtado’s own behavior, pointing out that their terms of use require users to accept all associated risks. Although Ben Boyd, the Senior VP of Global Communications at Peloton, extended his sympathies to the Furtado family, the family’s legal team emphasizes that clearer warnings about potential equipment risks are essential.

The case also raises questions about whether Peloton’s safety warnings are adequate. The grieving family seeks compensation for multiple costs, including the funeral, potential future financial assistance, and healthcare expenses.

Peloton, earlier in May, made a decision to recall nearly two million of their bikes. This action followed reports that the seat post could unexpectedly detach, resulting in multiple reported injuries.

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