Memoir Accuses Comedian/Actor Steve Martin of Violence on Set

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On September 17th, 2023, the entertainment community turned its attention to claims made by actress Miriam Margolyes regarding actor and comedian Steve Martin. Their collaborative work on the 1986 feature “Little Shop of Horrors” is at the center of these allegations.

In her forthcoming memoir, Margolyes recounts an incident during the shooting of the film. She describes Martin, who played the role of the dentist Orin Scrivello, as taking his character’s violent nature beyond the scripted actions, claiming he punched, slapped, and knocked her down. The impact of this alleged incident was severe enough that she ended her day with a significant headache.

Margolyes’ career, which spans popular movies like “Harry Potter” and TV series like “Blackadder,” has seen her making similar allegations against other entertainment personalities, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, over perceived misconduct.

Swiftly responding to these claims, Martin firmly disputed the allegations. He clarified that there was no actual physical contact during the scene in question and that he always acted with caution when performing simulated violence.

Frank Oz, who directed “Little Shop of Horrors”, echoed Martin’s sentiments. He indicated that while the scene called for a mock punch, Margolyes’ allegations were unfounded. Oz, having directed Martin in several films, also praised the actor’s professionalism and respectfulness throughout their collaborations.

This situation has ignited discussions about the accuracy of memories, especially those from years past. The contrasting narratives between Margolyes’ memoir and the testimonies of Martin, Oz, and the film crew highlight this dichotomy.

Further analysis of Margolyes’ memoir by The Los Angeles Times provides a broader perspective. The memoir details various encounters with well-known figures, sharing both commendable and critical anecdotes. Margolyes openly expresses her belief that this memoir may not achieve the same success as her 2021 autobiography, attributing this to its somber undertones.

The industry and its enthusiasts continue to monitor this unfolding narrative with great interest.

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