Jealousy Leads to Murder in Houston

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Houston police, responding to a shooting 911 call on June 27, arrived at an apartment complex to be met by a seven-year-old child. The young girl led them to her mother, 29-year-old Laurielle Faulk, who was lying unresponsively under a green blanket on their couch. Faulk had been fatally shot in the head.

Fast forward two and a half months, and a 16-page affidavit points towards 25-year-old Lakiri L. Tolliver as the prime suspect in Faulk’s death. Accusations don’t stop there, with Tolliver also being suspected of revisiting the crime scene to pilfer Faulk’s belongings. This was followed by an official statement by the Houston police in July, announcing her arrest.

Providing clarity on the event, the child recalled that her mother, Tolliver, and an unknown male had been in the apartment the night before. Come morning, Tolliver ushered the girl to her room and proceeded to cover Faulk with the green blanket.

Investigators found that Tolliver took control of Faulk’s phone, impersonating her on Instagram, suggesting an unidentified male as the perpetrator. The narrative’s inconsistencies did little to convince the police of her innocence.

Security equipment in Faulk’s residence recorded Tolliver checking Faulk’s phone at around 10:30 a.m. Shortly after, a gunshot was discernible. Indications from the police theorize a possible motive: Tolliver’s suspicion of Faulk’s involvement with her own boyfriend.

After the murder, surveillance displayed Tolliver and the unnamed man departing Faulk’s residence, with bags in hand. They were spotted multiple times, seemingly removing items, including several of Faulk’s luxury bags.

A noteworthy piece of evidence is Tolliver’s brief 911 call at around 6 p.m., which she soon terminated. Another visit to the apartment by Tolliver was made evident on July 11, during which more items were taken. The ensuing arrest happened on July 14. Presented with evidence, Tolliver tried shifting blame to her male companion, even as video footage hinted at his non-involvement in the shooting.

Currently, Tolliver remains confined without bail.

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