Disabled Veteran Killed in FBI Raid

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The FBI is currently under close examination following the death of a 45-year-old disabled veteran during a pre-dawn raid at his home in Henderson, Tennessee on August 16.

Within 15 minutes of the FBI’s arrival at the residence, Theodore “Teddy” Deschler lost his life.

The Deschler family is demanding answers concerning the rationale behind the raid and the series of events that led to Teddy’s untimely death.

According to accounts from the family, the house underwent an operation involving flashbang explosives, tear gas, and gunfire, resulting in broken windows and damage to the yard.

Russell Deschler, Teddy’s brother, firmly maintains that Teddy was unarmed at the time of the incident. Russell explains that Teddy was attempting to escape the house, filled with tear gas, when the fatal shot was fired.

Russell further asserts that the positioning of the SWAT agents and the house’s layout made it challenging for them to determine whether Teddy had any weapons.

Witnesses, including neighbor Alex Morris, recall hearing loud noises followed by announcements broadcast by the FBI over loudspeakers, instructing the occupants of the house to exit with their hands raised.

Earlier in the year, Teddy Deschler had been apprehended in connection with a gas station stabbing, based on information from the Selmer Police Department. However, specific details about the incident, including potential charges, have not been disclosed.

In an official statement, the FBI acknowledges that the matter is presently under review by their Inspection Division, following established policy. 

The Deschler family is contemplating initiating a civil lawsuit against the Bureau.

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