14-Year-Old Boy Kills Mother and Injures Boyfriend

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A 14-year-old boy from Riverview, Florida, was arrested on Saturday, September 16, following a shooting incident that left his mother dead and his mother’s boyfriend with multiple gunshot injuries, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The authorities were alerted to the incident in the Summerfield subdivision just after 4 pm on Saturday when they received several 911 calls. Sheriff Chad Chronister shared the details at a press conference.

Upon arrival, deputies encountered the 14-year-old who allegedly aimed a gun at his own head multiple times, indicating he might harm himself. After a 16-minute negotiation, deputies used a non-lethal projectile to disarm him. The boy was then taken into custody without further incident.

Following this, deputies responded to another call about an injured man who had reportedly been shot five times in the lower torso, hands, and face. The mother was later found in the driveway of a home a few blocks away.

The injured man was later identified as the boyfriend of the young suspect’s mother. He was rushed to Tampa General Hospital and is listed in critical condition.

The boy’s older brother was present in the home during the incident. He informed deputies that prior to the shooting, he overheard an argument between his mother and her boyfriend.

After hearing gunshots, he emerged from his room to witness his brother shooting their mother. The suspect also allegedly aimed the gun at the older sibling, prompting him to flee the scene.

Based on the information, Sheriff Chronister suggested that the 14-year-old might have shot his mother’s boyfriend first, followed by his mother. 

The older brother remained unharmed, and according to the sheriff, the young suspect had no previous criminal record.

The sheriff’s office is currently waiting for a search warrant to further their investigation.

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