Prince Harry and Wife Meghan on the Outs With Hollywood Elite

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Meghan Markle is establishing new relationships following an apparent falling out with old acquaintances, Victoria and David Beckham. 

Despite her inclination for a private life and limited public exposure, sources suggest that this trend may not persist. It’s believed that she’s been networking with influential figures to make up for the relationships that have reportedly been lost.

Royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams has voiced uncertainty about the Sussexes’ future plans, underscoring their knack for catching the public off guard. Nonetheless, he expects that followers will hear “something” from Harry and Meghan soon.

Since their move to California in 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been building a new life, producing a Netflix series, and socializing with celebrity friends, including the Beckhams. However, recent rumors suggest that some of these high-profile friendships have turned sour, with the Beckhams allegedly distancing themselves from the couple, contributing to their perceived seclusion.

It has been reported that the Beckhams were accused of divulging private details about the Sussexes, leading to a tense phone conversation that supposedly strained their relationship. Chances of mending the rift appear slim, with David Beckham, the retired footballer, reportedly livid.

It’s not just their celebrity friends who are allegedly keeping their distance, but also their famous Montecito neighbors, such as Steven Spielberg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Rob Lowe, who are said to be growing weary of the couple’s conduct.

The Hollywood elite are reportedly distancing themselves from Harry and Meghan due to concerns that their association could negatively impact their careers. They fear that being perceived as close to the Sussexes could lead to being sidelined from events featuring the more popular Prince William and Kate Middleton.

As Meghan and Harry traverse their social terrain, their future plans are still uncertain. However, Meghan’s recently formed high-profile friendships could potentially pave the way for some exciting developments in the near future.

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