Child Fatally Shot With Rifle by Another Child During Nerf Game

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A child was shot dead by another child during a Nerf gun play session on Sunday, July 30. 

Alaska State Troopers received a notification at 1:45 am from tribal and village police about a deceased minor in the rural town of Mountain Village.

The two young children were engaged in play with toy guns when one of them grabbed a loaded rifle and fatally shot the other. The identities and ages of the children have not been publicly disclosed.

Health aides responded to the scene, but sadly, the injured child could not be saved and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The next of kin have been informed, and the State Medical Examiner’s Office will conduct an autopsy in Anchorage. 

The town of Mountain Village, with around 600 residents, is situated around 470 miles northwest of Anchorage.

An adult was present at the home during the incident, but authorities have said that no charges will be filed regarding the shooting.

The investigation is ongoing, and details surrounding the rifle’s ownership remain unconfirmed. 

If proven to be accidental, this incident will mark the first child-involved shooting in Alaska this year.

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