Hunter Biden Whistleblower Reveals Startling Details

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In a stunning development, a second IRS whistleblower has come forward in the ongoing criminal investigation concerning President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. 

Although Hunter Biden’s name has not been officially disclosed as the subject of the probe, congressional insiders have verified his association. The inaugural whistleblower, active since 2020, claimed that he was bypassed for a task force as a form of retribution for his actions.

The subsequent whistleblower, a specialist in the IRS’s global tax and financial crimes department, was involved in the case since its commencement in 2018, only to be inexplicably withdrawn last week. 

Both informants have, over the years, voiced anxieties about the case being dismissed. The claims focus on Hunter Biden’s alleged evasion of tax payments on millions garnered from overseas associates.

The IRS investigation team’s manager, who has also expressed doubts about the case’s handling, is set to testify before the House Ways and Means Committee. The revelations from the whistleblowers highlight alleged preferential treatment and perjury in front of Congress by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Newly disclosed documents suggest that investigators were omitted from prosecutorial discussions following a heated meeting in October, where inaction on the case was questioned. This omission effectively ended their involvement in the probe. The second whistleblower conveyed his displeasure via email over his expulsion for standing up for what he perceived as right.

Despite the IRS commissioner’s assurance of no retaliation against legitimate internal whistleblowing, the whistleblowers’ legal representatives contend that IRS’s reactions, involving criminal conduct allegations and warnings to other agents, seem like intimidation tactics against those voicing similar apprehensions.

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