Hot Topic: Tucker Carlson’s Presidential Aspirations

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Tucker Carlson’s attorney gave a blunt response to speculations about the media giant’s political aspirations. 

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon warned a political action committee (PAC) raising funds under the pretense of “drafting” the former Fox News host into the 2024 presidential race. 

Dhillon’s letter, referenced by The Hill, categorically stated that Carlson would not run for president under any circumstances. The lawyer accused the organization of damaging Carlson’s reputation, defrauding his supporters, and unauthorized use of his name and likeness in ads appearing on Newsmax.

The PAC’s Twitter account mysteriously vanished following the public revelation of the letter, and The Hill reported that the PAC had shut down after a meagre fundraising total of just $212.

Attorney Dhillon took to Twitter to caution against “SCAM PAC season” and warned potential donors that contributing to such organizations would likely result in being deceived and endlessly bombarded with donation requests on behalf of other candidates. 

Dhillon, who previously ran an unsuccessful campaign to unseat Ronna McDaniel as chair of the Republican National Committee, expressed frustration with political consultants seeking to exploit any available platform for personal gain, likening them to parasites draining resources from the party.

While Carlson, known for promoting far-right conspiracy theories, was previously accused of gaslighting viewers with an alternative narrative of the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol, his departure from Fox News last month and the subsequent $787.5 million settlement in a defamation lawsuit marked a shocking turn of events. The network had propagated baseless claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Although Carlson’s reemergence on Twitter sparked speculation of a potential political career, including rumors of a presidential bid, he playfully dismissed the notion in a recent exchange with a reporter. In response to inquiries about a planned presidential announcement in New Hampshire, Carlson initially teased the idea before retracting his statement, humorously attributing his response to his innate tendency towards mischief.

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