Ben Affleck Seen on Video Slamming Car Door On J-Lo

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Celebs Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back in the headlines, thanks to a recent paparazzi video that’s got fans talking. With the unending scrutiny on the power couple, every move they make is put under the microscope.

Recently, a video has been making rounds on the internet showing 50-year-old Affleck opening the car door for his 53-year-old wife, Jennifer Lopez. This incident took place after a quick coffee run in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The twist, however, is Affleck seemingly shutting the car door with some force, causing fans to speculate about a possible disagreement between the two.

There’s a theory among fans that the constant presence of paparazzi may have irked Affleck. One fan even speculated that the couple had noticed the photographers as they were approaching the car, and an annoyed Affleck signaled to the camera person towards the end of the video. The fan humorously suggested a more fitting headline would be, “Not a minute of privacy when you’re famous.”

Following the coffee incident, the pair was spotted in what seemed like a tense conversation at the Los Angeles premiere of Lopez’s new movie, “The Mother.” But the couple, being the pros they are, managed to keep their cool, posing for photographers, sharing a laugh and even a kiss.

Interactions between Affleck and Lopez have often sparked headlines. In one instance in February, J-Lo was reportedly seen scolding a sad-looking Affleck at the 2023 Grammys. Affleck later clarified that it was all in jest. He shared that he had teased Lopez about ditching her when the cameras were rolling and leaving her beside Trevor Noah, to which she had apparently responded, “You better not f_____g leave,” according to Affleck.

Affleck also attributes his often serious facial expression to simple “genetics.” He joked to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel in March that he naturally has a sad-looking resting face.

The romantic journey of Ben and J-Lo is one filled with twists and turns. After a past relationship, they each moved on and started families with other partners before rekindling their love in 2021. They were engaged by April 2022 and later celebrated their union in a Las Vegas wedding.

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