Woman Stabbed on Train Platform – Last Words Nail Her Killer

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A Chicago man is facing murder charges after his slain ex-girlfriend identified him as her attacker right before her death, police said.

Chicago police arrested Alejandro Arellano, 31, on Sunday, March 12, and charged him with murder in the first degree for the death of his ex-girlfriend Samantha Maldonado, 26.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter said that one key piece of evidence was presented by Maldonado, who named Arellano as her attacker before her death.

According to the police, the suspect, and the victim were coworkers and lovers. The two had been in a relationship for about half a year before they broke up last week.

The couple was spotted together at Miller’s pub in the early morning hours of Saturday. At around 1:20 am, just before the pub closed, Maldonado sprung out of her chair and ran out with the suspect running after her.

Maldonado ran onto a train platform at the Chicago Transit Authority at Wabash Avenue and tried to hide from Arellano, but he quickly caught up with her. 

Surveillance cameras captured Arellano taking a knife from his pocket and putting it back. Maldonado tried to board a train, but Arellano pushed her away from the doors.

Once the train left the station, Maldonado tried to get away, but her ex-boyfriend attacked her. He approached her from behind, grabbed her by the neck and shoulders, and stabbed her.

Arellano stabbed her at least four times in the stomach, chest, and left arm.

Maldonado pulled away from her attacker and fell down the stairs. 

The suspect boarded a train home while the victim collapsed on the street. Witnesses rushed to her aid, and when they asked who had attacked her, she named Arellano.

Maldonado also identified her ex-boyfriend as the attacker by his full name to first responders. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police arrested Arellano on Sunday outside his home.

According to prosecutors, police arrested him while he was still wearing the same clothes and shoes as he had the day before, and found the murder weapon in his pocket.

Arellano was also arrested in 2014 for threatening someone with a knife.

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