Texas Man Accused of Strangling his Elderly Mother After She Refused to Lend Him Her Car

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A Texas man is being charged with strangling his mother to death after she allegedly refused to let him use her car.

Miroslav Liliev Mishev, 30, was charged with capital murder for killing his mother, 69-year-old Lilia Misheva. Misheva’s lifeless body was discovered lying in a pool of blood in her bedroom at an apartment complex on Stella Link Road, Houston, on March 2.

According to police documents, one of her coworkers got worried when she did not show up for work on the day her body was discovered. The coworker went to check on her at her apartment but received no answer when she knocked.

She then noticed that the bedroom window was broken and asked a maintenance man at the apartment to open the door. The man found Misheva dead on her bedroom floor and immediately called the police.

Responding officers at the scene noted that Misheva had a laceration on the top of her head and that there were no signs of forced entry into the apartment, suggesting that she was murdered by someone she knew.

According to detectives, the glass on the outside of the window showed the window had been broken from inside the apartment.

The Medical Examiner’s office determined that Misheva’s cause of death was strangulation.

Investigators quickly discovered that she had a black Honda Civic registered under her name and learned it was last spotted in Brenham, Texas, on March 1.

Further investigations revealed that Misheva had reported a week before her death that her son had come home and threatened to kill her or commit suicide if she did not give him the keys to her Honda Civic.

She had told officers that she was afraid of her son and believed that he would harm her. Body camera footage from the report showed Misheva demonstrating to officers how he had strangled her and tried to suffocate her when she refused to give him her car.

Two days before her murder, Misheva had voiced her concerns about her son to a friend and had also shared her fear of him with her elder son a week before the murder, saying he was doing drugs and terrorizing her. The older son said he had begged her to get another place to live away from Miroslav.

Miroslav Mishev was arrested while traveling in a stolen vehicle in Sonora, about 400 miles from Houston, and will remain in jail until he faces charges for his mother’s murder.

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