Obama’s Daughter Makes Her Writing Debut on Amazon Prime Video

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The most recent Amazon Prime Video series, “Swarm,” includes an episode co-written by Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughter 

Malia, 24, who made her television writing debut and has been praised for her exceptional storytelling that combines horror with a strange, darkly humorous plot. The thriller series, which aired on Friday, March 17, was created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers.

“Swarm” is an eight-part thriller about an obsessive fan of a Beyoncé-inspired pop star, Dre, played by the gifted Dominque Fishback, who would do anything to protect her adored celebrity Ni’jah, excellently played by Nirine S. Brown.
Co-creator Nabers, who recently spoke to Entertainment Today, said that Malia Obama co-wrote Episode 5 of the series, dubbed “Girl, Bye.” She praised the Obamas’ oldest daughter for her work on the suspenseful series, saying some of her ideas were fantastic, funny, and rather wild. She described Malia as a really talented writer who contributed a lot and someone who is diligent and committed to her work.

“Girl, Bye” was written by Obama and Nabers and is in about the middle of the mini-series.

In 2014, the former first child began working as a production assistant on the Halle Berry-starring series “Extant,” and a year later she worked as an intern on Lena Dunham’s “Girls.” In March 2022, Glover hired Obama as a staff writer for “Swarm.”

Malia, a Harvard graduate, has also received praise from Glover for her writing abilities and work ethic. Last year, he described her as a talented woman who is motivated and focused.

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