Judge Rules That Wife Deserves “Back Pay” for 25 Years of Housewife Duties

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A judge in Andalusia, Spain, issued a ruling on March 7 ordering a husband to pay his ex-wife 200,000 Euros (approximately $218,000) in “back pay” for the 25 years of unpaid domestic labor she had performed during their marriage, using the minimum wage of about $525 per month as the basis for the calculation.

In the recent ruling, the court ruled that Ivana Moral should be compensated by her husband for the time they were married due to the fact that she took care of the home and their children.

The wife wasn’t the breadwinner, so under a separation of property regime, she wouldn’t be able to inherit the couple’s wealth.

The judge agreed that the wife, who had spent the previous 25 years of her life caring for the couple’s two daughters and maintaining the family home, would be financially devastated by the dissolution of the marriage.

The woman’s annual earnings from June 1995 through December 2020 were detailed in the court documents.

Furthermore, the ex-husband was ordered to pay alimony and child support because the children were still residing in the house with the mother.

In spite of frequent requests for her to assist him in his gym business, Ivana Moral said her husband preferred she not work outside the home.

She told the judge that as a wife and mother, she was prevented from pursuing her own interests and any kind of professional training during their marriage. She claimed that she had no experience outside of her husband’s gym job, housework, and raising their daughters to prepare her for financial independence after their marriage ended.

The judge’s decision was welcomed by the woman.

Her husband was not available for comment.

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