Jennifer Aniston Says That The New Generation Finds “Friends” Offensive

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Jennifer Aniston has always been in the front row of the comedy evolution, considering the numerous comedies she has starred in since the release of “Friends” in 1994 until her upcoming movie, “Murder Mystery 2.”

The Emmy award-winning actress recently said that comedy has evolved in so many ways that it is difficult nowadays to be funny.

According to Aniston, being funny nowadays is a tricky business because comedians need to be so careful about what they talk about and how they deliver their jokes, making it harder than ever for them to be funny without offending someone.

She said that the real beauty of comedy is the ability of people to make fun of themselves and life without being overly sensitive about certain topics.

She gave an example of the past, when comedians could joke about a bigot and people would laugh because the joke was hysterical, and when the whole point of the joke was to educate people on how ridiculous some people were.

Now, comedians are not allowed to do that.

Talking about her hit show, “Friends,” which first came out in 1994, Aniston said that a whole generation of kids is going back to watch past episodes and many are now finding some things inappropriate and offensive.

Aniston said that some of those things that people now find offensive were not intended as such but rather that writers did not analyze things as much as nowadays and that the world was not as sensitive as it is today.

The actress insisted that the world needs humor and that everyone should lighten up.  She also discouraged people from taking themselves too seriously, especially in the US, where everyone seems divided.

“Friends” has recently gotten into trouble with fans for its lack of diversity and for having an all-white cast. However, Lisa Kudrow came to its defense, saying that creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane could not have included people of color, given their own backgrounds, and they had no business writing about the experiences of other races.

Some might find that comment offensive. 

The show also featured very few actors of color in all ten seasons. Kauffman recently revealed that she felt embarrassed about the lack of diversity in the show and also guilty for buying into racism without being aware of it.

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