Hong Kong Family Drama Results in Model Killed and Body Parts Scattered

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The brutal murder of model Abby Choi, 28, whose severed body parts were found in pots and a refrigerator in a home on February 24, prompted Hong Kong police to start exploring a landfill for more missing body parts on Tuesday. 

Police found Choi’s remains at a home rented by her ex-father-in-law, Kwong Kau, in a district of Hong Kong. Choi’s ex-husband Alex Kwong, his father, Kwong Kau, and his brother Anthony Kwong were all charged with her murder.

Jenny Li, the mother of Alex Kwong, is charged with one count of obstructing justice. They were all held without bond. A second woman detained for allegedly helping the accused has since been freed on bail, awaiting further investigation. She is reportedly suspected of having an affair with Choi’s former father-in-law, Kwong Kau, according to authorities.

The accused have not yet filed their pleas, and it does not seem their attorneys have spoken to the public. The hearing was postponed until May. 

More than 100 cops in protective gear headed to the North East New Territories Landfill in Ta Kwu Ling on Tuesday morning to look for the missing body parts using excavators and shovels. Ta Kwu Ling is just a 15-minute drive from mainland China. Choi’s hands and body were still missing, according to statements made by police.

Superintendent Alan Chung said the suspects threw away multiple bags of significant evidence on the morning of February 22. These may include some human body parts, the clothing and phone of the victim, or perhaps weapons.

According to a complaint later submitted to the Hong Kong Police, Choi, who had more than 100,000 Instagram followers, vanished on February 21. Her most recent entry, from February 19, showed a photo session she had done with L’Officiel Monaco, a fashion publication.

Choi, her ex-husband, and his family had financial disagreements totaling tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars. 

The semiautonomous southern Chinese city of Hong Kong has a relatively low prevalence of violent crime, and the horrific death has shocked people in Hong Kong and across the border in mainland China.

Choi is survived by two children, who will be placed in the care of her mother. 

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