Harry and Meghan Kicked out of UK Home Gifted by the Queen – Andrew Reportedly Moving In

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According to the most recent episode of the British royal soap opera, King Charles III plans to give his disgraced brother, Prince Andrew, Frogmore Cottage, the home of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, since 2018.

In 2018, Queen Elizabeth II gave the happy couple Frogmore Cottage as a wedding present. The royal couple has been living in California since 2020, when they left the United Kingdom.

A royal insider claims that the King ordered the eviction on the day that Prince Harry’s gossipy memoir “Spare” was released to the public.

In his book, Prince Harry allegedly makes accusations against the royal family, including that the Queen Consort leaked stories about him and Meghan to the British tabloid press and that his older brother, Prince William, tossed him to the ground during a fight.

Following their eviction, Harry and Meghan reportedly have nowhere to stay in the United Kingdom because the King has not provided them with a new home on the vast royal estate.

The couple plans to move the rest of their belongings to the home they have maintained in the United States since they retired from their royal duties.

The younger brother of King Charles, Prince Andrew, has been offered the use of Frogmore Cottage. After living in Royal Lodge, Andrew would move to a much smaller and less impressive residence. A rumor has it that King Charles wants to kick his disgraced brother out of Royal Lodge, a 30-bedroom, pool-equipped mansion on 98 acres of land, and give it to Prince William and his family.

It’s clear that Andrew has strong feelings against the proposed change. After learning of his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal, the late Queen removed him from all official royal capacities and stripped him of all titles.

As far as anyone can tell, the King and his youngest son have not spoken to each other since “Spare” came out in January.

According to multiple reports, Prince Harry and Meghan received an email invitation to attend the coronation of the King in the spring. Whether or not they will make the trip, and where they will stay, is still anyone’s guess.

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