California Man Jumps to His Accidental Death on Vacation in Majorca, Spain

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According to Spanish police, a young Californian who was vacationing with his girlfriend in Majorca, Spain died after jumping off a cliff and crashing into the rocks.

A local news source reported that the 26-year-old male died on Saturday, March 25 after the fall at approximately 1:50 p.m. The tragedy occurred in Cala Varques Bay, located east of Majorca.

Local police are still investigating the incident, but it is believed that the man misjudged his jump from a 40-foot cliff and landed on the rocks instead of in the bay.

People on a nearby sailboat witnessed the incident and rushed to the victim’s aid. When they arrived, they called for help, but the man had already stopped breathing. On the beach, medical personnel attempted to revive him.

According to local news reports, police, maritime rescue teams, and a helicopter were dispatched to the scene, but they were unable to save the young man.

Due to the precarious cliff jumps in Cala Varques Bay, serious accidents occur too frequently.

Without a safety line, climbing near the bay is hazardous.

According to locals, the jump can be easily miscalculated due to the fact that the water obscures the view of the rocks.

Another problem is that rescue teams may take up to 50 minutes to arrive when something goes wrong near the bay. About 2.5 miles separate Cales de Majorca from Cala Varques Bay. Due to its location on a nature preserve, the bay is inaccessible and difficult for rescue personnel to access.

Officials have repeatedly warned individuals not to jump off the cliffs.

In June of last year, a 17-year-old boy jumped off a steep cliff and sustained injuries.

A British man died in 2021 after falling to his death from a cliff in Majorca.

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