Ben Affleck Reveals His Conversation With Jennifer Lopez at The Grammys That Led to His Meme Face

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Actor Ben Affleck recently revealed what his wife, Jennifer Lopez, told him during “that” famous moment at the Grammys that later went viral.

Affleck, whose seemingly sad and bored face went viral and became a meme that night, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and revealed that he had a great time at the event, despite a viral video of Jennifer Lopez apparently snapping at him.

Affleck told the interviewer that he was not bothered by the meme of his face and admitted that he really had a good time at the Grammys.

He said that at one point during the show, he noticed the host, comedian Trevor Noah, approaching their table. He did not know that the camera crew was already filming, so he leaned into Lopez and told her that as soon as they started filming, he was going to slide away and leave her alone with Noah.

Affleck revealed that Lopez was less than pleased with his statement and told him, “You better f***ing not leave,” adding that it just was a husband and wife thing between him and his wife.

He said that he had also needed help keeping up with the acts during the performances and had to ask Lopez who the performers were several times.

According to Affleck, the meme surprised him because people on the internet seemed to think he was either drunk, bored, or annoyed at the event, even though he was none of those things. He revealed it was rather strange that, when he had actually been drunk at events in the past, nobody had ever said he was.

Affleck suffered from alcohol addiction in the past but has been sober since 2020. However, he said he had become okay with being the “poster boy” of actor alcoholism and that he would often receive phone calls from addicts asking him to help them, something that he found very satisfying. 

Lopez jumped on her Instagram page the day after the Grammys and did not miss a chance to make fun of Affleck while at the same time promoting his upcoming movie “Air.” Affleck stars alongside Viola Davis and Matt Damon in the film about how Nike signed Michael Jordan and created the wildly popular Air Jordan sneakers. He is also the director and one of the producers of the long-awaited movie, which is scheduled for release next month.

The couple recently celebrated a milestone in their marriage by buying a $64 million mansion in the Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. 

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