Man from Massachusetts Arrested After Killing Couple Over Barking Dog

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Dogs and dog owners are definitely not this man’s best friends.

During a wellness check on Tuesday night, the police found an overturned bookcase and 70-year-olds Carl and Vicki Mattson dead inside their Marshfield, Massachusetts home. The couple were reported to be attacked, stabbed, and beaten to death a week before they were found. With them, police also found a dead dog, which had been reported missing.

The suspect, 27-year-old Christopher Keeley, was living in the Mattson’s residence, as a favor to a relative. After a heated argument over a barking dog, the couple told him to leave the house. 

One of Keeley’s friends, who called the police to request a wellness check on the Mattsons, revealed that Keeley told him that he was mad about being thrown out of the house. The friend also described him as being “psychotic.” Keeley, who is known to carry knives with him, had said something about harming other people. Because of this, Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz said that the attack on the couple was targeted.

Keeley was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida on Friday, at around 8:20 pm. NBC Boston reported that he harmed another man using a hammer, which led to his arrest. Keeley also changed his hair color to red in an attempt to hide from the police.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time that Keeley became violent after an argument. When 18 years old, he was charged with malicious damage to a motor vehicle after breaking his grandmother’s car window. It was caused by a disagreement over a phone charger. 

Keeley was also arrested in 2016 for hurting and stealing from a man with autism. More recently, court documents indicate that he faced drug charges after Xanax and marijuana were found in his car.

The suspect waived an extradition hearing and will be returned to Massachusetts to face charges for the double murder. 

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