Ohio Woman Kills Elderly Grandmother Because She Can’t Pay For Nursing Home

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An Ohio woman is charged with the murder of her grandmother. She told police that she drowned her grandmother in a kitchen sink and bathtub. 

Eaton, Ohio police said that they responded to a call on November 15, and found Alice Methany, 93, dead in her bathtub. Eaton Police Chief Steve Hurd told local media that the elderly woman’s granddaughter, Heidi Methany, 35, admitted to killing her grandmother. 

The official police report said that the younger Methany had taken her grandmother to a doctor’s appointment earlier in the day, and had been advised to place her grandmother in a nursing home because she needed more care and couldn’t be left alone. Heidi Methany was tired of taking care of the elderly family member. 

Reportedly, the advice stressed the granddaughter out, as she was unable to pay for a nursing home and her grandmother did not have insurance that could pay for it. 

Heidi Methany told police that when the two arrived back at the apartment, she grabbed her grandmother while she was washing the dishes, shoved her head under water, and kept it there “until she stopped blowing bubbles.” She then filled the bathtub and submerged the woman under the water for another 15 minutes until she stopped breathing. 

The cold-blooded killer then left the apartment and walked to the sheriff’s office, where she admitted to the crime. When asked what led up to the drowning, Heidi Matheny said, “Nothing special.  It was like any other day.”

Heidi Methany is charged with murder and is being held in a Preble County jail on $500,000 bail.

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