State Troopers Shocked When Tased Motorcyclist Turns Into a Fireball

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In a bizarre incident, an Arkansas motorcyclist had the ill luck of being stopped at a traffic stop by a state trooper. 

The incident that followed occurred on October 13, and the Arkansas State Police caught the wild result on dash-cam video.

The trooper tried to pull over the motorcycle, driven by Christopher Gaylor, 38, from Alexander, Arkansas. The reason for the stop was that a license plate was not visible on the motorcycle. Gaylor refused to stop, which resulted in a chase at close to 100 mph, which went on until Gaylor jumped off his motorcycle in the residential neighborhood of North Little Rock, according to police and the video.

A second state trooper tased the motorcyclist to stop him, obviously not aware that his backpack was full of gasoline.

The taser caused a fireball in which Gaylor was engulfed. There was about a gallon of gasoline in the backpack. 

The state troopers were able to extinguish the fire in the shocking incident.

Although injured by the fire, Gaylor is expected to survive and is receiving medical care in the hospital. 

Gaylor faces several charges when he is discharged from the hospital, including fleeing from the officers, which is a felony, failure to register his motorcycle, driving without liability insurance, driving with a suspended license and driving recklessly. 

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