Homeless Man Pushes NYC Subway Rider Onto Tracks

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Some people say it’s still safe to ride the New York City subway. Many travelers are afraid.

If you ask David Martin, 32, he would probably be part of the latter group. . 

Martin was on the Manhattan-bound platform of the “L” train at a Brooklyn, New York City subway station on Friday afternoon. In the middle of the afternoon, at a busy time on the subway, he was pushed onto the tracks by a homeless man, Lamale McRae, 41. The attached was apparently unprovoked.

Martin was able, with the help of onlookers, to get out of the way of an oncoming subway train in the nick of time. One minute later, the train pulled into the station. 

The attacker, McRae, fled the scene. 

Other riders on the platform quickly helped him get out of the way of the oncoming train, that was scheduled to arrive at 2:46 pm, uncharacteristically, and unfortunately in this case, on-time. 

McRae ran away, pushing an eight-year-old boy to the ground as he fled. 

Martin was injured in the fall. He suffered a broken collarbone and a sprained shoulder, as well as bruising, according to court records.

The attacker, McRae, was caught on video surveillance, and was arrested and charged with attempted murder, reckless endangerment and harassment. 

McRae had been homeless, and roamed the streets, suffering from severe mental health issues. He had been arrested 20 times in the past. A cousin, who used to allow the man to live with him temporarily, said, “They kept sending him to the hospital, but they kept letting him go. He’d stay a week and they’d let him go. He’s ill. He’s not a criminal — he’s ill. He started spiraling when his mother passed away a couple years ago.”

The relative said that she had to kick her cousin out because he was hostile and erratic. She says he has been living on the street since then.  

The homeless man was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court and a psychological evaluation was ordered.

What are the chances he will be out on the street again? 

Last month a man was released from NYC Police Department custody after threatening people in a McDonald’s Restaurant with an axe. 

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