Brooklyn Woman is Suing Granddaughter for $5 Million

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To grandparents, grandkids are little angels. But sometimes, they’re not. And on rare occasions, they steal from you, and show their true colors.

A 77-year-old, retired nurse, Leonita Arbuckle, and her husband, Selwyn, now deceased, bought their family home in Brooklyn, New York for $31,650 in 1972. In 1995, they finally paid off their mortgage.

In May of this year, Arbuckle received a letter telling her that she apparently transferred her home to her granddaughter, Jaishree Arbuckle-Pierre for $1. The granddaughter forged her grandmother’s signature to be able to proceed with the deed.

Arbuckle was shocked. “You don’t expect that from your kids,” she said.

Granddaughter Arbuckle-Pierre created a fake deed and filed it with the city. According to a $5 million lawsuit, filed by her grandmother, the woman took out a $399,000 mortgage on the Brooklyn property.

Arbuckle-Pierre lived in the home with her grandparents from childhood up until 2004, when she graduated from high school. 

Not a nice way to say thank you.

Arbuckle-Pierre has a history of fraud. While working as a nurse in Kings County Hospital, in Brooklyn back in 2012, she was arrested on a charge of social security number theft, as well as other data needed to access credit cards. She was in jail for two years.

In 2014, she stole from her grandmother, but grandma did not file a complaint against her.

In 2019, the lady was sentenced to a year in jail after being caught on Long Island with possession of firearms, violating the terms of her release. 

Currently, Arbuckle-Pierre’s teenage son lives in the Brooklyn home with his grandmother. He had no idea that the two could potentially lose their house and be out on the streets. 

Despite everything, Grandmother Arbuckle says still has hope for her relationship with her granddaughter. “She’s going to be my granddaughter until the day she dies,” she shared, proving that a grandmother’s love is indeed precious and priceless, and sometimes blind. 

But first she is suing for $5 million. 

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