Nostradamus Predicted the Queen’s Death More Than 450 Years Ago

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“Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 22, at the age of around 96, five years short of her mother’s term of life” 

This line is interpreted from a book written more than 450 years ago. Quite shocking, right?

Published in 1555, “Les Prophecies” was a book of “mystic poems” written by Michel De Nostradamus, a well-known seer and physician during his lifetime. 

In 2005, Mario Reading published an edited version of the book, using the title “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future” and mentioned Nostradamus’ predictions that came true. One of these was Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

The great astrologer also said that King Charles III will not be ruling long due to abdication. He also made hints that Prince Harry, his youngest son, will possibly inherit the throne due to reasons unknown instead of Prince William. That’s interesting!

As it gained public interest, several media outlets have also become interested in the subject and published their own articles. 

Creator Michael Summers shared a 3-minute video on Facebook on September 16,  regarding the prediction. It was flagged by the social media giant as containing false information. Meanwhile, a TikTok post by user @akashiccookbook reviewed Reading’s book and read the chapter “Succession to the UK Throne.” Questions and comments from curious users flocked their comments section, eager to ask for more explanations and predictions. 

Before the Queen’s death, Reading’s interpretation of Nostradamus’ book had sold five copies. A week after, it skyrocketed to more than 8,000 copies. In addition to the Queen’s death, Nostradamus also suggested major events such as the 9/11 tragedy, Hitler’s rule, the war in Iraq in 2003, and Hurricane Katrina.

Although Nostradamus published cryptic prophecies that mystify, intrigue and often exasperate readers who try to interpret his enigmatic poems, many of his predictions did come true. Of course, it depends on how you interpret them. 

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