Almost One Half of Planet Could Be Uninhabitable By 2030

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A startling report was published Friday in the prestigious journal Science.

The study reported that 44% of the Earth’s land surface, about 24.7 million square miles, requires measures to save its ecosystems, which if not done by 2030, could result in a large portion of the Earth being uninhabitable for humans.

This is not science fiction. 

The study said that about 1.87 billion people, close to 25% of the Earth’s population, live in those areas, most of which are in developing countries in  Africa, Central America and Asia.

Scientists and environmental advocates are pushing for legislation to protect the planet. 
The previous goal of preserving at least 17% of the land area by 2020 has not been achieved.
A global treaty that will be finalized this year, was put together by 70 countries who pledged to protect 30% of their territory and waters by 2030. 
The release of the report came at the same time as an environmental conference was scheduled in Stockholm. At the meeting, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called on world leaders to end a “suicidal war against nature.” He warned that unless the Earth population acts soon, “‘we will not have a livable planet.” Guterres appealed to government leaders to, “Lead us out of this mess.”
In spite of some conservation efforts, forests around the world are still being destroyed in places like Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia. Destroying trees to expand land for beef production, or to further palm oil production, threatens animals and increases the climate emergency, because trees absorb a good portion of the emission pollution on Earth. 
According to Reuters, a new international fund backed by wealthy nations, aims to invest at least $500 million in a program called, “Nature, People, and Climate.” It was announced at the Stockholm conference on Wednesday. So far, the program is backed by Italy and Sweden. It will invest in conservation measures in sub-Saharan Africa, Asian island areas and in forested areas.
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